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What We Do We Help You Hire ... For Less — It's as simple as that. We can find you 1 key person or 100's of people. We fill full time, part-time and contract positions. Employees are your employees, not ours from day 1. We are not a temp staffing firm.

We are HIRING HELP dedicated to finding you the most qualified, skilled, and motivated candidate(s). We search our candidate databases with millions of candidates using AI technology to bring the best to the top, connect with viable candidates through social media, advertise your jobs on 100’s of job boards, then we qualify, screen and interview the top cap candidates then send you only the best!. We make your hiring easy!

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One Off Recruiting/Headhunting

Need that key professional, manager, skilled trades person?

We will find the most qualified person for your role.

We will search, headhunt, advertise and connect through social media to reach the top prospects for your role.

Whatever role you need to fill, we have the specialized well-trained recruiter to lead the search and find the exact qualified person you are looking for.

High Volume Sourcing and Screening

Need dozens, hundreds or even thousand of new staff?

We specialize in high volume hiring anywhere in the United States or Canada.

We deliver high volume low cost hiring for:

  • Call Centers
  • Customer Service
  • Collection Agencies
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Senior Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores
  • New Openings
  • Security
  • Election Officials
  • Contact Tracers
  • Events/Fairs/Expos

Helping your business

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Whether you are looking for 1 key employee, the needle in a haystack or 200+ call center employees, 50 people for the warehouse, 10 office staff, 15 nurses, 100 people for the new location, 30 people to fill a large order, or 2 accounting staff for year end, we can help you find the right candidate(s) for any situation or position in all industries anywhere in the USA or Canada.

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Low Fees

With the lowest fees in the industry, usually close to 50% less than a traditional recruiting or staffing firms, we can help you fill any role for any situation for less. Our low fees are because of our high volumes and latest AI technology. Never worry about hidden fees or charges, all fees are fixed.

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Better Sourcing

Our applicant sourcing is better than other recruiters and staffing firms for many reasons including our massive applicant databases, advanced recruitment AI technology, advanced communication tools, latest screening and qualifying technology along with well trained experienced recruiters.

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Recruitment Team

Hiring Help is an affordable outsourced recruitment process organization tailored to fit your needs. We will collaborate with hiring managers and provide you with a tailored solution to find you the right candidates.

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